Marlaina Schroeder Spivey has been involved in the world of dance for over 29 years. As an award-winning choreographer, dancer, performer, instructor, and highschool teacher with her Master’s in Education, Marlaina believes there is great power in dance, education, and self expression. She founded MIDC to create a safe space where all students could come to learn technique, form life-long friendships, and enjoy themselves while feeling completely accepted, nurtured and challenged.

MIDC is much more than an award-winning dance company, we’re a supportive family of dancers, encouraging our dancers to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Our Motto is laugh live love and dance. This is because we first and foremost want to remind dancers to enjoy themselves and laugh as often as possible. At MIDC we view dance as a tool to teach the whole student. Yes we teach technique, but we also teach self-love, dedication, commitment, excellence and teamwork. It’s really important for our dancers to feel like they aren’t just going to dance class, but that they are enjoying themselves, having a good time with their friends, being the best versions of themselves they can be, all while learning technique from world class instructors.”